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If you’re looking for the best histology equipment repair service in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place.

We make sure to give you the peace of mind that you deserve with:

● Our top-of-the-line technicians

● A massive equipment inventory

● Excellent customer service

Anyone looking for histology equipment repair in Michigan should take advantage of PathTech’s fast and reliable solution to save themselves from unnecessary headaches. Contact PathTech now for a free consultation.

Why Histology Equipment Is Breaking Down

Histology equipment performs crucial laboratory procedures to ensure that tissues are properly examined and treated. Their delicateness is precisely the reason why they are prone to breaking down. Despite utmost care in the laboratory, it’s not uncommon for machines to break down due to wear and tear. Simply just cleaning your equipment properly can prevent breakdowns. However, annual preventative maintenance and electrical safety checks are not only necessary but required by law. PathTech Services specializes in annual Preventative Maintenance and Electrical Safety Checks for a wide array of Histology equipment such as Cryostats, Tissue Processors, Microtomes, Slide Stainers, and much more. We also service miscellaneous equipment such as float baths, blood pressure monitors, exam tables, exam chairs, exam lights, and microscopes. Call us at 888.855.3316 or email info@pathtechservices.com for any questions or a free quote.

The most cost-effective way to maintain your histology equipment is to clean them. However, most people mistake cleaning as the only solution for their histology equipment.

There are three ways to remedy the constant breaking down of your Histology equipment:

1. Schedule annual PM’s for your Histology equipment.

2. Inspect the unit for any bad parts and schedule a technician to replace them.

3. Histology equipment repair for machines that require more than just cleaning and maintenance. Remember that this should be the last resort for your histology equipment. Don’t commit the fatal error of neglecting histology equipment. Contact PathTech Services at 888.855.3316 or send an email to info@pathtechservices.com to learn more about what we do.

Save Thousands of Dollars with PathTech Services

Our technicians are trained with years of on-site field experience. We service various equipment and brands, from Leica to Sakura, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the categories of equipment we work on:

● Cryostats

● Cover slippers

● Slide stainers

● Tissue processors

● Microtomes

Of course, these are just some of the machines that we are well versed to work on. There are several more that our service supports.

Our wide range of histology equipment repair is crucial to ensure that your laboratory saves money in the long run. Frequent machine breakdowns and even a wrong diagnosis of these breakdowns will cost you thousands of dollars.

PathTech Services offer comprehensive histology equipment repair, including finding out the cause of breakdown.

Our technicians have 25 years of experience fixing and maintaining laboratory equipment, including histology equipment.

We always endeavor to be excellent in everything we do and be the most reliable partner your laboratory has ever seen. If you got histology equipment needing to be fixed, PathTech Services is always ready to be at your disposal.

We constantly train our technicians for new trends in repair and new equipment to keep them updated and give the best value to all our clients.

Do you want to stop bleeding money from all the non-optimized maintenance of your histology equipment? PathTech’s histology equipment repair is the solution you’re looking for.

With their expertise and experience in the industry, our technicians will ensure that no money will be wasted on your histology equipment. Contact PathTech Services now and get a free quote from our team.

We have different options for all our clients regarding histology equipment repair. We primarily specialize in on-site service, however, if you are outside of the State of Michigan, contact our service manager by emailing info@pathtechservices.com to coordinate shipping your equipment to us for a depot repair. We also do Preventative Maintenance Depot Repair.

Working in the industry for many years has enabled our technicians to solve the root of your equipment problems. Whether it requires going to your laboratory or having them repaired at our facility, you’re always guaranteed that your equipment is in safe hands.

PathTech Services is located right here in Holly, Michigan. Save lots of money on service travel fees by choosing us as your service neighbor. Our technicians can perform high-quality histology equipment repair right inside your premises.

Depot repair is for laboratories outside Michigan. Send your equipment to our facility so we can solve your equipment’s issues in no time. Don’t worry, PathTech has custom packaging for each of your equipment despite traveling long distances across the US. Got some histology equipment repair needs? Contact us now at 888.855.3316 or send an email to info@pathtechservices.com. We can immediately send a team or our custom packaging as soon as possible!

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait for your histology equipment to completely break down. PathTech can perform annual preventative maintenance on all of your Histology equipment to ensure proper functionality.

Your machines will have a sterling up-time because of our preventive histology equipment repair. As a result, you’ll experience no hiccups as you go through essential lab procedures with your equipment.

Unlike other histology equipment repair services in Michigan, PathTech services offer detailed reports every time we check and maintain your machines.

Our detailed reports include:

● A thorough diagnosis of problems identified during the checkup.

● Steps taken to address the issues found.

● Any parts needed – parts cost will be provided in advance.

We have some of the best prices in the industry for Histology Equipment Repair. Email info@pathtechservices.com at anytime for a free quote for repair or preventative maintenance.

Our professionals are trained to thoroughly check your machines and ensure that they perform like new after the repair.

Here is an example of our service process for a Preventative Maintenance inspection:

1. Replacing critical components of your histology equipment and installing PM parts.

2. Calibrating your machines’ functions.

3. Cleaning your histology equipment from substances and particles that may affect their performance.

PathTech guarantees optimal performance after performing histology equipment repair. We offer a 90 day PM parts and labor warranty. If a PM part breaks down, we will come out to fix it at no cost to you. Let us help you restore the best condition of your histology equipment. Reach out to us now for more information.

Need a loaner unit? We’ve got you covered.

a breakdown costs you both time and money. PathTech Services has rental equipment that you can use so your lab doesn’t fall behind during a lengthy repair. Our inventory of histology equipment is perfect for laboratories that don’t want their operations disrupted because of a repair.

All our histology equipment is guaranteed to be:

● Coming from trusted and reliable brands such as Leica, Sakura, and Midmark..

● Properly maintained for spotless performance.

● Diverse in options for laboratories to use.

With PathTech, you no longer have to worry about not having spare equipment. You can use our equipment as long as the repair service is ongoing.

You don’t even have to sweat installing our loaned histology equipment. Our skilled technicians will do it for you. Contact PathTech for our complete list of histology equipment available for rental.

Why choose us?

We created PathTech Services because of our terrible experience with lab repair services in Michigan. As a family owned and operated business, we are personable and have a heart for your equipment.

Our mission is to ensure that all laboratories perform at their best through our histology equipment repair services.

From troubleshooting, calibration, and repair, PathTech technicians are not short of knowledge and skills to deal with any issues with your machines.

Most repair services in Michigan don’t offer a wide range of expertise in brands and models like we do. We even cover miscellaneous equipment such as blood pressure monitors, exam tables, lights, microscopes, hyfrecators, and exam chairs.

PathTech aims to resolve this severe gap for histology equipment repair by specifically training our staff in all existing and future histology equipment. We continuously train our staff in all the latest technology and repair techniques to address your machines’ problems.

If you’re looking for a team that can fix all your histology equipment problems, then PathTech Services is your answer. Call us at 888.855.3316 or send an email to info@pathtechservices.com and our service manager himself will be with you promptly.

Our technicians will be dispatched to your facility within 24-48 hours for any emergency service calls. We understand that breakdowns cost you both time and money, and that’s why we’re here to help. We stock more parts than any other service provider in the industry translating into faster repairs.

PathTech is one call away for any histology equipment repair needs. No matter where you are in Michigan, PathTech will immediately send its technicians to repair your histology equipment. Contact us for a depot repair. We de depot repair and depot PM’s for microtomes, slide stainers, float baths, autoclaves, and more.

Laboratories outside Michigan can contact our team to ship their equipment right at our depot. We’ll ensure that your equipment is safely shipped with our custom packaging sent right to your doorstep.

Large Parts Inventory

PathTech stocks and maintains more parts in the industry translating into the fastest repairs. Long gone are the days where you waited weeks for a part to arrive from Europe. We stock all important OEM certified parts in our van for every piece of histology lab equipment that you operate.

Qualified, Competent, Reliable

PathTech’s technicians boast over 25 years of experience in troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing histology equipment.

Our years of experience in histology equipment repair make us the most reliable and competent technicians to deal with your machine’s issues. Contact us today at 888.855.3316 or email ifo@pathtechservices.com for a free quote.

Histology Equipment Repair With PathTech Services

With our top-of-the-line technical know-how, sizeable inventory, and a culture of excellence, PathTech Services is ready to solve all your histology equipment repair needs. Do you want to fix something in your lab? Let us handle it! Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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