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PathTech Services: Cryostat Repair in Michigan

There are many types of cryostat servicing companies throughout the US; after all, different brands mean that you need professionals who understand the latest technology in the market. If your cryostat is causing problems, you can leave your worries behind and entrust your machine to PathTech Services, a leader in cryostat repair in Michigan. Our knowledge, experience, and dedicated customer service can address any problem you’re having.

With skilled technicians that have decades of experience, we address cryostat problems with minimal downtime. We make sure that our repairs last as long as possible with high-quality parts and proper maintenance. You want your cryostat to last long and serve you as long as possible. We even have rental and loaner models if it becomes necessary so your lab can function at top capacity while your unit is temporarily down. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest knowledge and training to ensure that your cryostat is always in the best condition because we understand that an efficient cryostat repair in Michigan can be the difference between serious gains and losses for your lab.

What is a Cryostat?

A cryostat is a complex piece of machinery used to preserve specimens for study. It can quickly freeze tissues and process them for quicker analysis. Many medical and research facilities have these, as they’re essential for accurate work. A cryostat is a complex machine, and repairing and maintaining them requires a deep understanding of all of their moving parts. These machines are made up of several main pieces, including:

  • Control panel
  • Waste drainage
  • Refrigerant (electrical or gas)
  • Cryochamber
  • Rotary microtome

A cryostat is best used for microscopic study. You’ll often see laboratories use these to create frozen tissue samples and slice them accurately using the rotary microtome. You can adjust its temperature to ensure that you have an accurate cut of a specimen for viewing. Researchers can later dry, warm, and stain the tissue when they want to study or use it. 

The Importance of Cryostats

The use of cryostats in medicine serves histological purposes. Cryostats preserve samples and use a precision cutter to allow researchers to sample fresh, preserved tissue. There are a range of sizes available on the market, some large and some portable. Modern models also have complex panels that display information, allowing for precise operations. Some of their abilities include:

  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Analyzing tissue samples
  • Helping with precise surgical treatments

Some large-scale pieces of equipment also use cryostats to operate. For example, MRIs have cryostats that keep the machine at peak efficiency. These mechanics are the reason why patients and doctors alike can remain safe during operation. Without it, it wouldn’t be possible to keep the MRI balanced because of the energy required to operate it.

Tips for Maintaining Your Cryostat

While we can handle any maintenance and repair needs you have, there are steps you can take to preserve your equipment. Proper use and care can reduce the need for service, saving you money down the road. Here are some of best practices for cryostat use that you can put in place in your lab:

  • Always clear the cryostat area of any dirt, debris, or other items to ensure proper passage of air and accurate results.
  • Empty and clean the waste bottles after every day of use.
  • Clean the components after every day of use, especially microtome and the blade holders.
  • Always check the locks before operating the machine.
  • Turn it off and open the window 24 hours before a Preventative Maintenance inspection.

If you encounter something off, contacting us right away is sure to be the best solution. We may be able to fix the problem before it becomes an expensive ordeal. Many cryostats end up needing longer fixes or even replacements because their users ignored symptoms from their cryostat for too long before giving us a call.

If you’re unsure of what problems to look out for with your cryostat, continue reading for a brief list of warning signs.

Common Problems

If there’s a problem with your cryostat, the control panel should let you know. Each manufacturer has their own codes, so you’ll need to consult the equipment’s manual to decipher the error code. In any case, call PathTech Services we can help you diagnose the problem and trace it back to the root. For example, we may need to examine the machine’s electrical connections in the case of a power loss.

Service often takes at least an hour or more. Cryostats require precision, so we don’t want to rush it if a sensitive repair is necessary. We want to make sure it’s tested and everything is in place before it gets back to work. Here are some of the common problems we encounter:

  • Not reaching the desired temperature: This can cause errors and poor results.
  • Malfunctioning peltier unit: The unit cools the specimen too fast, disrupting your research. You need time if you’re using the machine in sensitive operations.
  • No power: Power surges can cause the unit to lose power.
  • Microtome issues: You may notice it making inaccurate cuts (thick/thin), which indicates a problem with the slide reader.
  • Sectioning problem: An issue with sectioning can lead to misdiagnosis.
  • Noise problems: Noise could indicate several issues and be a nuisance. Most of these stem from loose parts that can affect the cryostat’s accuracy.
  • Compressor problem: The compressor is responsible for cooling the cryo-chamber. Any issue with it can lead to a vast array of problems, such as errors, poor sectioning, and the unit will not maintain or reach temperature..

Repairs and Maintenance

PathTech Services offers repair and maintenance for all cryostats. If you’re experiencing any issues, contact us immediately at 888.855.3316 for quick cryostat repair in Michigan. We handle all types of jobs, from minor discrepancies to large-scale repairs. PathTech Services also provides transportation services for your unit from one location to another. We also can deliver and install a rental unit while your cryostat is in our care at our shop undergoing refrigeration repairs. Our team will diagnose any problem and get your cryostat back up and running as soon as possible.

We also offer contract services to our clients. We’ll service your model through periodic checks and preventative maintenance, ensuring that it remains in the best condition possible. Many of our clients sign up for this service, as preventing damage is always preferable to repairing it.

If you want to ensure your equipment’s longevity, you’ll need dedicated, regular maintenance of your machines. We recommend an annual service. Contact us today and we’ll set up a contract to protect your investment in a cryostat.

Why Choose PathTech Services

Here at PathTech Services, we prioritize serving our clients to the best of our ability. Since we’re dealing with sensitive equipment, we undergo rigorous training and learn the ins and outs of troubleshooting cryostat units. Our expertise helps us make the right decisions during any repairs or maintenance. We’re also available to help troubleshoot any issues remotely if our clients don’t have much time.

With us, you can be certain that the work done on your cryostat will maintain its accuracy and ensure that it performs to the best of its ability for as long as possible. We adhere to all quality and compliance measures set by the government and all ruling organizations in the area, and we offer only high-quality parts for any repairs and replacements. We always work within our customer’s budget, ensuring that you don’t overshoot on your cryostat needs.

With decades of experience, many laboratories trust us with service contracts and maintenance. We have a well-stocked inventory of parts, ranging from old to new models. We maintain this rigorously so that we can offer some of the best prices and the fastest turnaround times when compared to other companies. Contact us today to schedule a cryostat repair in Michigan that fits your budget.

Contact PathTech Services Today

PathTech has served many Michigan businesses and organizations throughout the years. Our experienced, qualified, and dedicated technicians are ready to help if you find yourself in an emergency. With experts at your side, you won’t have to worry about your equipment’s condition; we’ll do all that we can to minimize downtime and ensure that your cryostat sees top-quality repairs.

Our team has training on various histopathology equipment, including all types and brands of cryostats. We’re ready to answer any questions you have, and we can deploy service to your equipment within 24–48 hours after your initial contact. Our goal is to be a reliable option for servicing all of your histopathology gear.

We offer the best rates and most efficient cryostat repairs in Michigan, so contact us today to schedule your specialized service.

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