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Since our founding, it has been our pleasure to provide people and businesses with the best possible experience when it comes to Autoclave service and repair.

From this dedication, we at PathTech Services have built a reputation as the leading provider of autoclave services in all of Michigan and depot services for all 50 states. We are proud to offer our clients the most comprehensive, customer-focused Autoclave Service programs available today.

Our qualified service technician ensure that every autoclave receives the highest quality and most effective care. They have combined 25 years of experience in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining autoclaves. They also undergo continuous training to stay up-to-date on the latest Tuttnauer product developments.

Keeping a Healthy Autoclave for a Healthy Business

Your operation has no time to slow down for autoclave repairs. That’s why it’s important to keep your machine in top condition. Lack of proper maintenance can create a major obstacle for your operation. In addition to regular maintenance, you should also schedule professional service when you notice changes in performance or unexpected noises and odors. A technician will be able to catch problems early and prevent them from becoming major issues.

Autoclave Service the PathTech Way

Autoclave Service is a critical part of your lab function. We strive to provide well-maintained autoclaves, which are essential for protecting patients, staff, and the community from dangerous pathogens.

PathTech’s technicians can keep your autoclave operating at peak performance while ensuring regulatory compliance. This matters because we want your autoclave functioning properly and not breaking down. The less headache the better.


Our experts here at PathTech can help you with all of your Tuttnauer autoclave installation needs. Whether you are looking for a floor model or a unit to place on a countertop, we have an autoclave to fit your facility’s needs. We also offer the technical expertise needed for proper installation and training on all autoclaves.

Preventative Maintenance

It is very important to have an annual preventative maintenance inspection. It is actually required by law. Our team of certified professionals will come to your location and perform an on-site multi-point inspection on your Tuttnauer Autoclave. Rest assured after your PM, we will send you all work forms and place a small sticker on the back of your unit letting you know when you had your PM. We also offer preventative maintenance tips so you can do routine maintenance on your own to help preserve the longevity of your autoclave. All of our PM’s have a 90-day PM parts and labor warrant. This is the PathTech Autoclave Service guarantee.

Spare Parts Replacement

We stock the most autoclave spare parts in the industry translating into faster repairs. You won’t have to wait weeks for a replacement part to come in. We will ship it out to you as soon as possible so you can get back up and running again. Our van is stocked with every PM kit for each make/model of Autoclave.

Repair Service Scope

We are proud to offer a full range of autoclave repair services. Furthermore, our team of experienced technicians can diagnose and fix any problem you have with your equipment. All repairs and maintenance are taken care of personally by our very own team. Our technicians know what they are doing, and you can trust them to get the job done right. They can fix any problem you have with your autoclave, no matter how big or small it may be. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Autoclave not reaching temperature.
  • Autoclave not maintaining pressure.
  • Valve or Door Gasket replacement.
  • Leaking water from the autoclave.
  • Autoclave is not cycling properly
  • Autoclave Service – Depot Repair

It’s not easy having a failing autoclave. This can cause a lot of stress, not only in your work life but also in your personal life as well. Any breakdown can affect your productivity at work and the quality of service you provide to your patients.

The good news is that PathTech Services provides autoclave Service to all 50 states in the US. If you’re not in Michigan, contact us by sending an email to As a result, our service manager will coordinate with you to ship your equipment to our facility for a quick and reliable autoclave Service depot repair. After the repair is complete, your machine will be packed professionally and delicately for protection and to ensure safe travels back to you. We guarantee your autoclave will be in perfect condition once it arrives at your location.

Why Choose PathTech Services

Firstly, calling a service company to come back a second time is a drag. PathTech service technicians almost never have to come back to fix the same issue. This is what we strive for. Secondly, we pride ourselves in providing top notch service for all kinds of autoclaves. From Midmark to Tuttnauer – we’ve got you covered. Furthermore, we stock more repair parts than any other provider in the industry translating into faster repairs. Our customers can rest assured that their equipment will not fail post repairs. This is the PathTech guarantee. Here are some more reasons why you should consider PathTech Services for all your autoclave needs:

Competitive Autoclave Service Prices

With the competition in the market, it is our pride to offer low prices without affecting the quality of our service. We believe that the best autoclave service is one that provides value for money. Expect to get honesty and fair pricing when you work with us. Moreover, we will only take payment once you are completely satisfied with our work.

OEM Certified Parts

We only carry replacement parts that are OEM certified. As a result, this means that they are the same parts that were originally installed on your machine. Furthermore, we test every replacement part to be sure of their quality. OEM parts ensure that your machine will continue to operate at optimal performance. Expect your autoclave to function as if it is brand-new.

Exceptional Customer Support

Choose from our phone or email support for help with your issues. Our phone number is 888.855.3316 and our email is Either way is great to get directly in touch with our service manager. PathTech’s dedicated service manager can provide you with an estimate for the cost of repair and a lead time as for when it will be completed. With this, you can plan out your work schedule accordingly. You can also request a replacement part over the phone if you would rather repair autoclave yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your specific model and its capabilities. We are here to answer them all.

In-House Repair Autoclave Service Specialists

We don’t want your trust in PathTech Services to come down to chance. We employ only the best technicians in our repair department. They continue to train on how to diagnose and fix problems. Expect professional and friendly service when you call us. We make it simple to get the help you need right away. All of our technicians are highly skilled in their field and have years of experience behind them. They will work efficiently to get your autoclave fixed and back in place as soon as possible.

Quick Turnaround Times

We understand how important time is for your businesses, that is why we offer quick turnaround times for Autoclave Service. We also understand that some businesses can’t afford to be without their appliances for long. You can use our loaner unit while we repair your machines. We have a range of Autoclaves to use as temporary replacements. We will simply swap out your autoclave, repair them and then return them to you when we’re finished. That is the special part of PathTech’s Autoclave Service.

Need Autoclave Service?

If you are experiencing trouble, performance issues, or other problems with your autoclave, feel free to contact us for Autoclave Service.

To conclude, rest assured in knowing that PathTech has the right tools, experience, and knowledge to fix your Autoclave. In addition, we will always provide you with a free estimate of how much it will cost to repair your autoclave if needed. Keep in mind that all of our Preventative Maintenance inspections have a 90-day PM pats and labor warranty. Should anything go wrong with any PM parts installed, call us within 90 days to receive free service and a new PM part. This is the PathTech Tuttnauer Autoclave Service guarantee.

Get the advantage of working with PathTech Services and receive the highest quality autoclave parts and services. If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call at 888-855-3316. You can also email outside of our hours. Our service manager will be in touch with you promptly. We understand that it is impossible to run your practice without a sterilizer, so we will do our best to get yours back up and running as soon as possible.

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